Hood side hook - what to do?

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Sep 2, 2008
Tulsa, OK
Currently having my 1970 40 painted and trying to replace some hardware. I am having trouble locating the side hooks for the hood to the fender


All the hooks I have found thus far have looked a little different in terms of mounting holes. This for instance:

FJ40 New Stainless Hood Latch Side Hooks Landcruiser: eBay Motors (item 220605669744 end time May-21-10 02:19:25 PDT)

Should I just salvage these ones or find replacements? Did they change throughout the years. Any advice is appreciated. Regards,

They're different because I'm pretty sure that pic your showing is actually a windshield hook that goes on top of the hood to secure the windshield when folded down. The link you put up there is what it should look like. If you take your hook off there should be another hold under the middle of it. I ordered a complete hook set from cool cruisers and was happy with it and it didn't break the bank either
The hook that you are showing is actually made for a Jeep, which is why the shaft was bent to make it fit your FJ40. There are hooks for the FJ40 available in Stainless Steel and Black Powder Coating, prices range from 19.95 a pair to 36.95 for stainless steel and most come with stainless steel mounting hardware. Check with your neighbor down I44 to see if they carry them.
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Thank you guys for your responses. I was wondering why I was having so many difficulties matching it up. Looks like I found out this information just in time as my body guy was working on the hood today anyway :)

Thanks again,

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