Hood cushions? any sources?

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Aug 9, 2010
Eugene, OR
I am tired of my 60 hood sagging along the front edge.
One hood cushion (round stand-off that adjusts for height, at each front corner of hood) is missing altogether, and the other one is pretty trashed.

Where to find a pair of these? Searching ih8mud and the more general interwebs turns up only the FJ40 "hood cushions" that go on top.

I take the name "hood cushions" straight out of the FSM for chassis and body.

Haven't tried the Toyota dealer, of course.
Toyota has them I just got a pair a few months back.

I found some that fit at a local auto parts store (can't recall which one NAPA, CarQuest, O'Reilly). They were on the rack in the gizmo section. I believe that I posted the details on this board but I probably used "Hood Bumpers"
Good luck!
I got a set out of an 1996 80's series they are exactly the same.......
They are cheap at toyota
I used the spare rubbers from my shocks. Just make the hole a little bigger at one side, so that the head of the bolt fits in it, and you have your hood stops! Works fine. My hood is perfectly level with my quarter panels:clap:
Bought mine from Toyota. Still in stock.
I got a set from Mark at Marks's Offroad a month or so ago.
I had some unneeded poly bushing from a set of sway bar bushings. I turned down the edges of the stock bolts and pressed them in with a vise. They are a perfect fit.


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