honda accord starting problem

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Feb 26, 2003
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Hi everyone,
So my mom was driving her 90 honda accord and it just died on the highway.
It has power, it cranks over. BCAA guy said no spark.
I checked for spark by sticking a screwdriver at the end of the lead, I did not see a spark.
Put a new cap rotor on, still no spark.
Would it be all the lead wires?
Or is it something else?
Did I check for spark the right way? I did it like that before on other occasions and would get a spark.
All help appreciated!
Common failure on the Accord is the ignition switch and base. PITA to change but that should resolve your problem. My Accord would be driving and just die turn the key into the start position and hold it would take off again. But could almost guarantee that is your problem.
Ignitor inside the distributor is a very common no spark problem on that year accord.

Depending on what she was doing, it could have popped a timing belt. They sometimes break or slip when letting off the gas from cruising speed. When the belt goes the cam doesn't turn so no spark, but it does crank strangely. The cranking speed is not even as some cylinders have closed valves and some don't.
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