Homemade Gasket??

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Apr 3, 2007
Long Branch, NJ
Morning all,

I need to replace my thermostat housing and thermostat before a long trip I'm taking this weekend, and it seems that no autoparts store or Toyota dealship in my area stocks the gasket that goes on the base of the thermostat housing (16343-60011) - see below:


Since I don't have time to order it and have it shipped, the guy at the local Pep Boys told me to get gasket paper, some coolant system gasket sealer, and cut my own homemade gasket.

Has anyone done this before, or think it wise/unwise? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Bret :beer:
Go For It....get the 'thickish' gasket paper....kinda feels like match book cover thickness....not the paper towel thinner stuff....
Agreed. Get the thicker material from NAPA, and some RTV BLACK gasket goo. Goop up both sides really well and voila!
Home made gasket.
I made the gasket for the top thermostat housing a couple of weeks ago, worked great. Have you checked with NAPA for the gasket you need. That's the only one they had when I was looking for the other gasket.
Done it plenty of times. Never had a leak. Get the thicker one as mentioned above.
yeah I made that gasket on mine out of a roll of some blue pvc waterpump gasket paper, they'll most likely have it behind the counter at any autoshop.
I've used the Napa stuff before. Go for it!
Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'm gonna go ahead and make my own gasket...I'll keep my fingers crossed :idea:

I already have 1/32" gasket paper, as that seemed to be the closest match to the gasket that goes between the two halves of the waterhouse. Should I return it and get the 1/16" stuff, or is it not necessary? They also had 1/64" gasket paper, but that stuff was like paper.

Thanks again.
I've been in the same situation and made a gasket the same way for my old 2F. Never leaked a drop.
I have used the thick paper from a cardboard box and some permatex and never had a problem.

dynosoar :zilla:

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