Homelite Chainsaw oil problem

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Sep 30, 2006
I have a Homelite Super 2 chainsaw (I know it is not a Stihl - but I am not a logger), with a small bar oil problem. It seems to pump out an inordinate amount of oil, and continue to drip when idle or shut off. I can stop it when shut off by turning the saw on it's side, but otherwise it basically drains out the hole by the bar. It also throws a lot of oil when cutting.

What can be the problem and how can I fix it? Any ideas would be appreciated.:cheers:
Take the starter assy off of you saw. Drain the oil from the oil tank and flush the tank really good. In with the sawdust and other debri in the tank, you will find a small brass tube. It will look like a small stick so don't throw it away.

This tube is the restrictor valve and goes inside the line coming from the crankcase. It should have had a duckbill valve on the end of it.

You should have another duckbill valve in the side of the oil tank towards the top near the neck.
Thanks, I will try it this week.
OK, I pulled it apart and it wasn't like that at all. There are two tubes in the oil tank. One has the duckbill thingy on the end near the top of the tank and the other has a metal cylindrical intake piece about a half inch diameter with a screen, that sits in the bottom of the tank.

I noticed that the system is pumped by/through the carb too. Is there some way to regulate the flow at the carb? I'm certain the pick up tube is working fine.

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