Home stereo install?

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Sep 30, 2003
Woodstock, GA
I have seen people wire up a home stereo in their vehicles before, anyone here do this? Looks like they run the plug right through the firewall probably right to the battery I guess. Anyone know about these set-ups? They probably get pretty darn loud for next to no $ if you have an old junker sitting around.
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can be done, but kind of a redneck solution to tunes, eh?

My brother-in-law Cletus takes exception to that remark!!!!

Heck of a waste of space in a vehicle. Better to use that home stereo in the garage or down by the still.
No need to call the red-neck police, although I did sort of ask for it. I was just wondering if it would work. Problem is that I dont even want to spend $100 bucks for this solution and am tired of no tunes or resorting to headphones. Seems everyone on this forum has nicer stereos in their Land Cruisers then in new vehicles, seems a little crazy to me.
I don't have an expensive stereo in my cruiser. I bought a Jensen CD player for $99 and it never skips even when I am going off road. I then bought some 130watt jensen speakers on sale at Best Buy for $30 and built a box for them. I know that it is not the best set up but I sounds fine to me and I have tunes. If you don't want to spend $100 then buy a used car stereo and some speakers. Just a thought. :cheers:
i have to admint, at one point i helped a freind put a home sterio in a bus he was converting to a camper.. pretty white trash!! lol anyway, for my cruiser i am going to have XM with a decent deck and loud ass cheep 6x9's in rear and some JL components up front.. powerd by some sort of an amp, otherwise i wont even be able to here over the engine
Mah cousin Amos did it in his Heep. But the records keep skippin when he hits the bumps, and the needle scratches thu vinyl.
didn't mean to offend anyone. Just seen some hack job stereo installs in my day. If you have your old stockie, sell it on ebay to subordinate the cost. You'd be surprised what people will pay.

I lucked out I guess. Went to the audio store a couple of days after an audio junky replaced his new player for a dvd deck combo. Picked mine up for a steal.
you would pay more for the large inverter you would need than for a cheapo cd headunit.

get a car stereo....
I did it in my first car; an 83 AMC Eagle Station Wagon. (4X4 for life). Anyway, it's a death trap. Too much big s*** that can clean your clock faster than RJ Jr.
"Pensacola in the house"

You can get a cassette player with AM/FM for $40. Put it in and go to a yard and steal some speakers for FREE. For under $50 you've got a set up that's better than your punk ass singing at the only red light in town.
I made my stereo for 60 cents. lol. it only cost me money for wires. I took a radio out of a friends Cabriolet built my own little console/cupholder. took 4 7" pioneer speakers, built a custom box out of plywood, ran some wires and it was done, only took 2 hours too. lol :D
If your looking for cheap. Checker auto has a pair of 300 watt Box speakers for $20. They sond and look great. You can also enlarge the whole in the dash and put any generic stereo in there. I put a Panasonic AM/FM/ Tape with input jacks for an external CD in the dash. Add a couple of speakers in the doors, and you have a very in expensive system that sounds great.
Trust me, I'm laughin with ya not at ya.... Home stereo in a cruiser. Thats priceless!
naw man.....

I swear you can get great sound for under $10

I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!

wires are overrated!

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