Home mushroom cultivation....legal shrooms

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Sep 23, 2003
Admittedly context is everything and since I am way out of college, I am talking about LEGAL gourmet mushroom farming at home.

I picked up a kit from a company out on the west coast. The package included about 50 2inch dowels impregnated with Pearl Oyster mushroom spawn. Basically you locate some hardwood logs that are between 1-6 months of age. Anything recently fallen will kill the spawn and anything older than 6 months doesn't have enough sugars in the bark. You drill 2 inch holes and pound the dowels into the holes. Cover the holes with some wax. Then you hang tight for 9-12 months until they spawn. I have to toss the logs out in a shady spot in the garden but am hoping for a nice crop.

Course with my luck some poisonous mushroom will work its way into the logs and end up killing me.

Anyway...thought it was a fun thing to post up....
I think it is a terrific idea!! And will look forward to reports on the progress. Sounds like we have the same type of luck though ...on one of my military courses I vaguely remember an instructor going on about a simple way to differentiate between edible mushrooms and the other sort .. problem is I can never remember which was which.

I wonder how hard it is to raise snails!? I guess I wasn't cut out to be the "Marlboro Man" ...:lol:

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