Home brew bumper!

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Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
Just finished today!
There's quite a few things that Id have done differently, and yet still a few things that I may change...However, gotta big run in 2 weeks and I just couldnt screw with the details anymore.

So this is how she's running for the time being!

bumperbuild 033.jpg
bumperbuild 046.jpg
bumperbuild 040.jpg
A couple more.
bumperbuild 045.jpg
bumperbuild 042.jpg
bumperbuild 036.jpg
looks good

heading to death valley?

Yeulp....DV bound for 4 days of wheelin, camping and hangovers!
The dates kinda crept up on me, so I had to go into "stress out" mode.

Cant wait!

what spots are gonna try and hit?

Each morning before we head out we pull out a map and pick a destination, so its hard to say.
We start at the dunes in Olancha (where everyone meets up) and camp there for the first night. Then Friday night we end up at the hot springs...In between its anyones guess.

I love this bumper, can you go over how you made it? what materials that sort of stuff? what hinges,
Funny you posted up... I was literally today gonna PM you and see how this was comin along.

If'n your current gig doesn't hold out, you could start a side fab business, seriously. (I'd leave the photograghy part for someone else, bro. :flipoff2:hehe)

The left side of the bumper does look warped in the pics. Is that the side you stood on to test it?:doh:
Very Nice !!!
Hey all,
Thanks for the compliments! They are much appreciated.

5x5 square stock
A to Z fab spindles (great prices and great service on these. 2Bad referred me to them)
The latches, gas shocks and spring pins I got from McMaster Carr.
Again, I couldnt be happier with the service and prices. It too 2 days for the order to arrive.
The swing outs are .25 wall 2x2.
I used a bunch of 3/16 in plate for gusseting material.

What I would change:
Id have used pre cut 3/16 in plate to build the whole bumper, and Id have used 2x4 insted of 2x2 for the swings. Also, because I used 3/16 in plate to make the jerry can holder...its HEAVY. Id have gone with something a lil lighter.

As far the the tweak to the left side...Its NOT exclusive to the left side, it also happened to the right. There is a slight bow in the bumper shell, and thus, the reason Id have built it from plate.
I ended up having to cut out the back side of the square stock and as a result, the shape tweaked a bit with the heat from the welds.

However, this was my first time attempting something like this and you learn each time you do it I suppose!

Thanks for the nice compliments!


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