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Aug 12, 2007
United States
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At least toss in a Vader light at that price.
They're prolly in the pile and they think they're junk ...
I dunno, they may be NOS or just cleaned up real nice.

Are they really NOS they look a little on the used side.... at least the metal parts anyway...
Those have been listed individually for a while, presumably with no success. Hence, the bundle listing now...
whoa that is steep. I am more than happy with my restored choke cable I got from you @RAGINGMATT ;)
Well the NOS light switches sell for around 300$ so another 200$ Per OEM cable isn’t out of the question. So maybe a little high. I see parts all the time I think are high and they sell. I’m going to jump on this bandwagon and put all my do dads for sale, folks buy them amen no sweat off my back. Sell high buy low...
Thanks ! @red66toy , :)

reading your comments above only reinforces my strong belief in doing things like Restoring Vintage Parts

the Traditional TOYOTA way , with care for your Job and Concern for the end product details , like the Knobs for example they have to

be perfect and are the icing on the cake at the same time .......................

interestingly enough , it was the 2 choke and Throttle cable knobs on the above Ebay Listing link above i posted that convinced

Me that the Cables were indeed NOS . I was very skeptical at first due to all the surface corrosion on the spiral cable , steel guide tube and even the Brass Tip was patenna'd the SH#T out of ?

but after carefully studying and examination of the knob faces and using a Close Up Image zooming App i have installed on my desktop

i concluded the were just been stored in a damp basement or outside without cover of any kind for last 50+ years possibly ?

and its clear the LIGHTS Rotary switch came from a different place and time all together , after all the user ID of the seller is

in EGYPT , but the parts are claimed to be in new York city currently ?

i thought for a few minutes the lights switch was re-gold zinc'd , but the 3 hand punched stakes on bottom plate are original
in my opinion .............

also remember : TOYOTA used bare metal coil spring liner , and guide tube was bare metal too , same with brass so

it does not take much for the Ravages of AGE & Time to take hold and have there way with things

Now , we know better , places like the Rising Sun Mechanical Shop & it's Concepts Visionary " Skunk-Works " install

stainless steel cable wires with 100% Pure Troy weight Silver Alloy , Galvanized spiral coil spring liner , and apply Low luster

Marine Grade Clear Baked On Low Temp. to the sheet metal guide Tube and polished brass tip .

thats the Best Push / Pull Cable corrosion resistant combination i know that exists , and so far it seams to be holding up fine

from what i hear


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Matt @RAGINGMATT And all, Great points! This is why the early windshield wiper motors that I have been restoring will be as new as I can build them, exact or better working units that Toyota built. Glad that these NOS parts did come up for sale as someone out there might need them and fit them into their budget for restoring the best rigs on the planet. John
I have nos wiper switches, head light switches, ect... They look pristine and in the boxes. Those cables took terrible! I second having restored cables done from Matt! He is great to work with and products come out looking like new for the same money! Not new on the sand floor for the last 30 years.

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