Holy Crap! This is cheap

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something definitely smells funny...one week later with a different seller and the price drops 15k?
It has to be a scam this makes at least 3 cruisers like this in the last few weeks. Anytime it has an approved bidders only then there is somethign fishy going on.

Sweet truck though :)
This listing (#4615292418) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number.

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funny, just got this email from the guy

Dear eBuyer,

Thank you for your interest in my '78 Toyota Landcruiser. I want you to know I cannot accept financing because time is a real issue for me, this is why I am looking for a cash buyer. The reason why i'm going to let my truck go for this amazing price ($5,100) is because my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer,and is going thru treatments to help stop it.I am selling so i can put money away to pay for medical bills that are mounting.

Here you have a short desc of my car.
1978 FJ45 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER (clear us title ,no damage,no scratches or dents,no hidden defects, engine runs great)
The frame off restoration was completed approx. 18 months ago.
VIN Number: FJ45-178517
Miles: 19092
Engine: 2F 6cyl. 257.9 ci
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Rear Diff: 4:11 gear ratio
Front Diff: 4:11 gear ratio
PICS @ : http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/amysue2411/album?.dir=/96f6

The truck is going to be shipped from Ireland. I will pay fees for shipping, my father-in-law work for a cargo company located here in Ireland and will help me with delivery. I will provide careful loading in to the container, strapped on a special wooden frame with strong belts over the four wheels which I privide.The car will be at your location in 14/15days.

On eBay’s suggestion we are going to use an eBay service to complete this transaction since will be an over seas deal. If you are still interested and realy wanna own this beauty then get back to me ASAP and i'll send you terms of payment.

Andy Ciampa
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INteresting that raincoast_ladyfern won the bid BOTH times... and it DOES look a little bit more like dear old Ireland that our own North Pole, Alaska..... Hmmmm...
funny just got this one from ebay, i guess they do some work


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