Holley to Aisan

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May 23, 2013
Hi, Im currently trying to remove the butchered holley carb set up on my 3F and replace it with a stock aisan carby. Bit confused on what connects up to what, Ive figured out the accelerator, choke and fuel cut, but I am missing a heap of vacuum lines and emissions control thingys , Can the 3 ports on the front of the carby just be plugged? Also there is a large hose coming out of the top of the float, near the secondary vacuum diaphragm, which I have no idea what it is for.
Also should I have a spacer between the carb and manifold?

This is for a 80 series but you Americans only got the 3F-E and the 2F carburetor looks very simlar
I believe all carb set-ups need to have a spacer between the carb and manifold.

Post some pictures and we can help you a lot more. Only a few people on here will understand what you're saying.
This is the carburetor,


Iam confused to what the hose that is cut off above the secondary diaphram is supposed to do, I think it may be a breather for the bowl.

Found this sticker in the engine bay.

The only vacuum line I currently have is the one for the dizzy advance.
The charcoal canister is still under my bonnet with a plug over one of the ports.
The rest is missing.

Around a month ago I found this hanging from its lead into the glovebox, disconnected it but decided to keep it just incase.

Cheers, Neil
Hi Neil, I took some pics of how mine looks into relation to your cut hose.. In summary, it goes to a switch I think, then on down to a charcoal canister..


soory, had to reduce the size to get them on..
Interesting, does yours also have a canister on the drivers (american passengers) side near the firewall?
Do these lines need to be connected for the carb to work? We have no smog tests in Australia. Would also like to put a aircon compressor back in sometime in the future and have the Idle up thingo work.
No, both of mine are on the Australian passenger side.
one down under where the radiator overflow reservoir is, and the other is tucked away back down in the corner by the firewall and left guard.
from what I've read, this particular charcoal canister traps all the evap and fumes from the carby once the engine is switched off, so once the engine has shut down, it activates the switch allowing the evap/fumes to trapped by the canister. Can't remember if temp plays a part in this as.. Then i believe the carby an pull back from this canister.
That's all in a nutshell, it is in one of my books, I can go back through and find it send it through.
The other canister by the firewall works in with the evap from the fuel tank, I think.
I'll get some more pics and send through tomorrow.

I think it's in it's best interest if it were hooked up, not sure how it would go without, or whether it would cause any damage.

As for Holleys, had the biggest headache with the one i had in my Holden HQ one tonner.. That's why I'll be leaving the cruiser engine as stock as i can.. :)
This is the canister on mine, drivers side under the brake master, Lines say TO TANK and PURGE, with purge being capped.

Some of the many plugs on the passenger side.

Do any of them look like yours?
No, not quite Neil, your 3f was in an 80 wasn't it, that will have a different layout on where your charcoal canisters go.
I've dug up a couple of pics that may shed a bit more light..

i know this is primarily for the 60, but should hopefully help..



Cheers for the pics. makes a bit more sense on how the system works and what parts I'm missing.
Im making a list of parts to get so I can hopefully start and finish it over a weekend.
Things ill need so far are:
New throttle cable
Fuel line fittings.
Few meters of vacuum line.
Secondary Charcoal Canister and valves for the Carby vent.

The two vacuum ports on the carby, Do they go to the PURGE side of your canisters?
Also if possible could you get a photo of the throttle cable bracket?
Thanks again.
Back out onsite for work at the moment now mate, I'll try and get some pics..

Something to consider though, if possible, head down to your local wrecker, sometimes a very handy source of research/parts..

did you check out the latest pics I got on my thread?
Finally was able to source a carb spacer, studs and accelerator cable
Anyone able to get some pictures of how the accelerator cable is held at the carb end? I think im missing a bracket.
You still need a pic mate, I'll get one up as soon as i can
OMG you guys have it so EASY...try looking at we have to do some day...that whole system is about 1/5 of what we run here for federal/state smog. :cheers:
haha, yep, we sure are lucky over here Lambcrusher..

hope these help Neil..

apologies for a spring that is in the way, that's obviously not not stock.. but you can see how the cable comes in and under then pins into place.




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