Holley Sniper or Howell?


May 3, 2016
odessa, tx
I have a sniper. I love it. I had a single barrel toyota on my 69. It was great but I lost it in the rebuild. Went with a 32/36 Weber. It was great too. But the sniper on my 73 with 2f is night and day better. The questions you have to answer are:
Do you like your engine starting on first bump every time?
Do you like a smooth easily adjustable idle?
Do you enjoy better fuel economy?
Do you enjoy better throttle response?
Do you enjoy tge ability to control timing at idle, cruise and WOT?
Do you enjoy reliability?
Do you enjoy spending more money on your cruiser?
Why are boobs good?
How is a rainbow made?
How does a positrac on a plymouth work?

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