SOLD Holley Sniper 2300 Master Kit

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May 10, 2018
Carlsbad, CA
I bought this kit from Mosley Motors in June 2019 and never installed it. This is the "Master Kit" that was being sold at the time. I've opened a couple of the bags to test fit things, but nothing has ever been installed, never had fuel through any of it, never had sealant on any of it etc.

Two items that you will need to source on your own because they are currently installed on my FJ40:
Fuel Pump Block off plate
Water Temperature sender - I had already installed this when I swapped out my radiator in anticipation of installing the EFI. You can source a new one directly from Holley for $22
Holley EFI 543-120 Sniper EFI Coolant Temperature Sensor: -

Link with pictures of everything

Included here are:
The throttle body unit
Pre and post fuel pump filters
Walbro 392 in line fuel pump
All of the various Earls fittings
The 02 sensor and clamps
All the wiring harness bits
A Redline Manifold adapters - It was an extra $238 new
The manifold adapter that Mosley sells as part of their kit
Fuel hose
All of the Lokar throttle cable parts, brackets, etc

I'm into this stuff for $1737, not including tax and shipping.

Make an offer, i'll probably take it.

In Carlsbad, CA - North end of San Diego

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