Holley Carb settings comments etc.

Nov 7, 2004
Barrington, RI
From looking at the carb that came on the 77 FJ40 2F it appears this is the one I have http://www.holley.com/products.asp?product=0-7448C (L"List # 7448") engraved on Carb).

I don't know much about carbs and am trying to obtain the optimum settings,jets and Power valve for this bad boy. The 2F runs with it, I haven't taken it on the road(Work in progress) to see if there are any issues, and would like to have it set up as proper as possible.

What info.(if any) do you need to help with this set up? The manifold vacuum is 21 inches at idle, if that helps.

Is the calculation for needed carb output = Max eng RPM x Engine Cu.inches/ 1728 (cu.in./cu.ft.)? If true then the 2F should need a Carb w/ 448 CFM @ 3000RPM correct??? This Holley seems to provide 350 CFM which should be too low??????

Am I missing something or how do you determine the carb needed?

Thanks in advance,

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