holley 4 bbl 600 cfm on 2f

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Sep 15, 2010
Lutz, FL
My dads 82 has a holley 4160 carb on it 600 cfm. It also has the offy manifold, it is certainly quicker than the avg 2f but is running too rich. Can I get this thing to tune correctly or would it be best to swap an aisin? For the record mpg seems fine, and this carb was the previous owners work.
2F = 4.2L. At 4000 rpm that is about 593 cfm. I know what I would do.
I think he's agreeing with you on your choice to go stock.
If you're not subject to smog checks, you could put a little bit hotter cam in it. If you have a header you could get some pretty good performance out of it on the street. It's always going to suck on steep inclines and declines.

I happen to have such a cam. Send a PM if you want it. It was made by Iskendarian specifically for this carb and manifold combination. You could also shave the head a little and run 91 or 93 octane.
Not looking to do engine work...just want it ruining well

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