holley 350 for a 2F motor

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May 17, 2007
i am currently in the process of installing a holley 350 from Downey Off-Road on to my 1977 2F motor. i was wondering if anyone has done this before and if they have any good pics of it. i also have the Holley fuel pressure regulator and i was wondering where is the best location for mounting. i noticed on the downey web site they have it mounted directly on top of the valve cover but im not sure if this is a good idea since you have to remove the cover every time you have to adjust the valves. any help would be greatly appreciated on this. thanks.
You should be able to use the Holley with stock pump pressure (i.e. 5-7 lbs.), Holleys are not sensitive to higher pressures like Webers are. Yep, don't mount to the valve cover for exactly the reason you mentioned. Photo shown on our website was a temp. mounting during some testing with a fuel injected engine.
Thanks for the info. so from what you are saying i can eliminate the fuel pressure regulator that i was using for the crappy weber carb and run straight from the stock fuel pump.
The kit from downey worked like a charm on my cruiser and I love it. Runs great, looks great.
i just finished installing everything and it works great. ill post some pics of this later

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