Hole in the roof of my 80.

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May 21, 2003
So my wonderful PO seems to have had a CB in the truck. Only way I know is I found the wire and amplifier he left, and a hole in the middle of the roof he so graciously covered with a piece of electrical tape. So the question is...NOW WHAT? I had planned on a CB anyway, not there, but I might as well use the hole and wiring that are already there. So I need a few recommendations.

I've read the recent CB Install post and that's where I'd like mine to go as well as the space is only used for a pen at the moment and I can relocate that. So what radio is the best Bang for the Buck in your opinion that will fit in the free din?

As far as the antenna goes, I just want good reception front and back without having to put my 5' firestik up there unless I need/have to. Something that is removable or interchangable would be great. I've read the CB Accessory post and some of the good info out on the Firestik tech page. But would like to know a bit of your experiences.
Hey Safado,
did you ever find out who the previos owner was? I know it was in Co.

So you had it mounted in the same place? What type of mount did you use? Or did it come with the Wilson 1000? I've seen a few of the kits, and it seems that my PO might have had the same setup. Did you ever bend it on anything? Thanks again.

yeah, christo was able to help me out there.
The Wilson has a 90 degree end with a star washer looking thingy on it. It comes with the antenna. Where is the hole and what is the diameter? I would fill it with a 1000 if the hole is not too big.
This is probably the best mount you could ask for. Go to a radio store, you likely need a NMO mount. As Christo said, you can plug a nice antenna in and pop it off the roof when not in use.

Cheers, Hugh

Yeah, that "star washer looking thingy" is what tipped me off to the possibility that it once was a Wilson antenna. Also the rubber grommit was still left in place, and that looked familiar to what I saw on the website.

The hole is just north (to the nose) of the rear interior dome light, haven't measured the size yet. So I'm seeing conflicting pictures of the antenna....do they collapse? The coil is in the base as I understand it, but does the plug that Christo is talking about take the place of the Whole antenna, base and all, or just the whip?

Thanks so far, but what are the recommendations for the 1 din CB?
[quote author=Safado link=board=2;threadid=6933;start=msg57139#msg57139 date=1067556556]

So you had it mounted in the same place? What type of mount did you use? Or did it come with the Wilson 1000? I've seen a few of the kits, and it seems that my PO might have had the same setup. Did you ever bend it on anything? Thanks again.


On my truck, when you pulled the headliner away (95 model) there was actually a spot on the roof just above the 2nd row seats where there was no soundproofing stuck on the roof. This is where we put it.

The mount was a 90 degree one with cable already attached. Lockwasher and lock ring on the outside. The piece that stuck out of the roof was about 1/2" tall. The Wilson 1000 antenna & coil attached to this.

Never broke it. Even drove into my 7' garage one day with the antenna still on the roof. Bent the wip and dented the roof slightly but still worked.
I will second the wilson 1000 hard mount. Take your time, pull the headliner and run it under the carpet to the front. Well worth the results imho. I get great reception off mine and it is one tough sucker.
ok so I snapped a pic of the antenna mount from the inside. Is this what you are all talkinf about with the star-thingy?

Is the Wilson that I buy going to have a spot to solder this on or do I need some sort of connector? Thanks

That looks like a wilson mount to me. But I can not stress this enough. Just go out and buy a new one. It's not worth trying to get parts for it when you can just get a new one and have it work right the 1st time. Ditch the old coax and start from scratch. And stop doing that to your headliner. Quit being lazy and just take it off to do the job before you F*@k it up. :cheers:

It is part of a wilson mount. The co-ax has been pulled apart from the end. Your best course of action is indeed a new Wilson. I got one a couple months ago at a trucker CB shop for $56.99. It will give you everytning you need.

Thanks Dan, I've always planned on a new one, just wanted to get the right one.

Nick--You can't tell from the pic, but the coax has already been run...under the carpet, up the side and on top of the headliner. Don't jump to conclusions about laziness, I just don't think I have to take apart the interior to replace a piece of perfectly functioning coax. And thanks for the concern for my headliner :flipoff2: just FYI, that is the natural droop of the headliner once the ligth was removed. I placed my finger there, ever so slightly :D, to show the mount a bit better in the background.

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