Holdover Tub???

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Jan 30, 2003
O.K. This may be an odd question, but did Toyota use holdover tubs from the FJ25's on some older FJ40's? I have a '63 and while shopping for a soft top realized that nobody make one to fit this year. They say this is due to body style changes. I cannot seem to find any differences in the body style on mine except for one. The channels that the front hardtop tubes slips into (on my fj) are not flush with the tub, they are about 2.5"-3" long. It is quite odd looking as they stick up. I've never seen an FJ40 with these types of channels. First, I want to know if anyone knows where I can find pictures of an FJ25 without the top on. Second, I want to know if anyone has seen channels like these and whether they can be cut off. We are thinking about cutting them off so they are flush with the tub. I don't know, but I think this would allow us to run a soft top on the truck. Insight???
Get ahold of cruiser_nerd he has a couple 25's and a topless one ta-boot :eek: Jim are you out there some were?

Stew who know's nothing about 25's cept they are cool cause they are old.
That is factory for a 63 hard top.

See if you can find a older hard top to fit it or just cut it down to stock 40 dimensions..

If It was a 25 tub you should have an odd curved door instead of the normal square door..
as you may or may not know, FJ25's had round rear wheel openings vs a 40. I doubt there were hold over tubs, although other parts may carry the old numbers that had different codes that appear to be hold overs (like intake manifolds said FJ25... but the FJ25 was generic part number before intro of 10 digit numbers). In a way, you have a big problem. So few FJ25's and early curved opening FJ40 soft top trucks remain that no one can really produce a soft top to fit (there may only be 20 in need of top). I had a 40 regular top made here and costs exceeded $700 materials and labor. Also, if you don't have the soft doors, only luck is to modify a Jeep door (make it taller 2"+).
cut that front channel down and weld a plate on top. they were handy if you had oem softtop doors (which latch high), but other than that useless.
Does anyone have a pic they can post where they cut this channel down? Also, if I cut this channel off and weld a plate on top can I run a bestop or kayline top specified for the later model fj's and/or a later hard top? Thanks for the input. :)

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