Wanted HJ75 PU Box

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Flying the Mountains of the NW
Sep 7, 2004
United States
Looking for a HJ75 PU box in good condition (USA).
PM with info.
The thing behind the cab. It follows the cab were ever it goes.:cheers:
The thing behind the cab. It follows the cab were ever it goes.:cheers:

My bad havent thought about PU being short form for Pick up box. :hillbilly:

Ya there is a guy in Ontario who sells brand new or almost new PU boxes for 70 series.

Good luck on your search:cheers:

Yeah I heard of him also but don't know on how to get in contact with them on what they might have, and they are quite the distance from the west coast.
Oh well life goes on.
Yup! It isn't an easy job to search the pu box especially 75.
You might still stand a chance for 79 box. I have been searching this box coming to about 2 years now. Do find some over at Australia but the shipping and handling is a killing machine.:bang:

BTW, emailed to proffitt some time back. US3500 is their selling price for the box.:bang:
Yeah your not kidding I have a better chance of turning a Rolls Royce into a off road rock crawler than finding a HJ75 bed.
Think I will start planning a flat bed design with off road in mind, thanks for the inspiration. Take care.

Well a tray is not what I ment, but if I could find one I would be just as happy.
show me the difference between a flat "bed" and a tray?

a bed is a box, a flat bed would be a tray ... enlightenment would be appreciated.

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