HJ61 Sunroof Lubrication??

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May 11, 2014
Since I bought my HJ61 the sunroof has been a bit finicky. It usually takes two pushes of the button to get it to close all the way and it seems to "limit out" with only one push of the button. I'm wondering if some lube will help it out, but I can't seem to find any info for where or what to lube it with. I know the sunroof option is rare but if anyone has some schematics or info I would be greatful!
i have a sunroof on my hj61 mine would stop start it was actually the contacts on the switches (buttons) mine just needed a bit of cleaning.
Mine will make a grinding noise and come to a stop. I then have to go again until it's closed
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No idea on the 61 sunroof for schematics, but I use to use white lithium on my old Dodge trucks and now on the 80 and 100 LCs.


White lithium is definitely worth a try. I dont have a 61 but it is generally good for a lot of applications and works great on squeaky/noisy/sticky garage doors etc.

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