HJ61 guages and pre heat problems

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Apr 27, 2019
Tom Price
Hi all

I have an 86' HJ61 landcruiser with the 12H-T in it.
Lately i've been tinkering around with it so i can use it for my first car, but im having a few problems with it!
A quick backstory - About 4 or 5 years ago it did an alternator and it burnt out a heap of globes behind the dash, such as the air filter warning light and all of the illumination lights in the instrument cluster. The park lights and tail lights also blew. It burnt out the pre heat timer box as well which is located to the left of the passenger side foot well (It is right hand drive).

So it's sat in the shed for a few years until we finally sourced a new pre heat timer for it, and i've replaced the blown globes. However, the globe to the pre heat light wont light up when the key is turned on. The motor isn't hard to start at all, almost always first crank and it fires right up, im not sure if it is pre heating or not. Also, none of the illumination lights work, and i've got no water temp guage, fuel guage or tachometer.

Ive pulled the instrument cluster out and couldn't find any traces of burning or melted connection/wires is there a relay or circuit breaker or whatever tucked away that i cant find? Im not sure whether it lost the guages when it fried the alternator as it was a fair while ago. I heard somewhere that if your temp guage goes, so does your fuel or vise versa, But im not sure why the tacho has gone. Is there a way to test the sensor?

Any tips or help would be appreciated, sparkies charge an arm and a leg up where i am so i'd like to try and fix it myself.

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Yeh generally when the fuel gauge goes wacky the temp gauge will go into the red when its not actually overheating the tacho has its pick up from a sensor on the bell housing i don't think that seems to be your problem. How are all your fuses none were affected?
i think a few fuses were blown but they were all replaced. Circuit breakers seem fine as well

The temp gauge won’t ever spike to hot just will stay at cold. So must be no power there. Same as the fuel gauge

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