HJ61 12ht. The real down under!

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Dec 28, 2014
New Zealand
Hello, new here. Recently got a HJ61 12ht, auto, pto winch landcrusier for a steal.

Original plan was to steal the diffs for my 1uz powered toyota surf/4runner.

This thing runs and drives like a dream, they are becoming rear as heck and are a pretty neat 4WD. Only down fall is the house paint, paint job and rust in the roof. Originally didn't look to bad and still not that bad. Need some advice from those that have been here before.

The rust in the roof. How can it be fixed? Obviously welding in the patches is easy. Has anyone got a neat idea for getting rust converter to the hard to reach spots? Im thinking some kind of nozzle on the end of a long wand/tube?

Plan now is to be the hack truck. Fix up the rust first. Do SOA. Then chuck on some 35's. Maybe one day chuck a F/TMIC on it and maybe try my hand at painting it.

We all love pics, so here is some.


1uz V8 surf. 4inch lift 33' muddies.


Sexy as o_O





Theres a start anyway!
Finally I must say this is a neat site. The length some of you guys go to is absolutely amazing.
Yeah that's up there in the rust ranks. I'm not one to see a 60 waste but yours is a pretty good case for body swap or donor.
That's a JDM model too so not as valuable as the Aussie original but still has the best running gear getting around.

Re the rust you should search spudman's red rig because he did some good repairs and documented it but in my honest opinion I reckon it's too far gone and you'll be chasing it forever.
However if you're super keen and handy with a cutoff wheel and welder you could try cutting out the affected panels (only to find more rust) and weld new plates in or find a replacement turret.

If you're looking to spray rust converter try using a air compressor and degreaser gun (the one with the little pot under the Venturi mech, they usually have long (200-400mm) nozzles on them).

Good luck!
If all else fails a 12ht is worth upward of $4k running with reasonable kms and you can use the diffs as planned and the rest is good scrap.....
Grab some tinsnips and start cutting about 50 mm above the gutter from the rear corner to about midway above the front doors, then try to tear / grind / cut the spot welds out of the top sheet in the gutter - you will soon see the untreated section in the roof, and how it rusts from the inside out. I did this then welded new galv sheet in. I also drilled holes about 50 mm apart the whole way around the un-rusted parts of the roof and sprayed rust converter / sealer in, then bogged them... Have fun!! Ps - I caught my roof lining on fire on the very last spot weld - only a small hole, but I am still spewing about it
Bikini top? or ship it state side ... We don't consider those parts rigs - slap face for even thinking it:flipoff2:
Cheers for the replies guys.

Crick60 - Had a look at Spudmans build. Thats an awesome way of doing it. Too bad I don't have another body laying around. Pretty keen just to fix up the rust holes and then try stop it. It more or less is just a hack. Dont really want to drop heaps into. Time will tell may fall in love with it haha. The cleaning gun is a good idea, might be able to add a little longer wand to the end of it.

Sliveredition - Was yours about the same as mine? Sounds like alot of time! Might drag it out until the Old man comes home. Then we can both hit it and smash it out. Always on the last piece something has to go wrong, just to show your human.

dbleon - Shipping from New Zealand to America would be pretty pricey! At least being a parts truck would be better than a, dear I say, a scrapped truck!

In relation to the 60. It hasn't even moved or been touched. Might have to chuck it in the big shed, then finish of my Falcon.
Move the falcon to get to the 4Runner to get to the cruiser??
Castle much?

I cant really talk, move the 60 to get to the 60 to get to the 60....
Falcon to get the 4 runner to get the 60 to get the S14 Silvia to get the DD peugeot to get the RMZ250 to get the KX250 to get the KTM250sx! I think I have to much crap. :bounce: At least it can all stay inside!
If you like the diff change the oil, maybe the trans and engine filters too.
Then smack some gaffer tape on the rust, done: ready for a 4x4 trip.
If you like it after a year weld it, the chassis might be as good as mine and need some welding.
Convertible? Sounds like a hell of a job! Might snap in half!

A service is on the to do list. Had it up on the hoist. Chassis is pretty good, little bit of surface rust here and there. All the oil leaking everywhere probably helped!
Decided to get some stuff done.


Got what I needed to do, done on the falcooon. Finally back up to scratch!

Finished the rebuild on KTM after it/I destroyed it down the beach. Then chucked the snorkel on the Surf.

Started cutting out the rust. Pretty nasty, nothing I cant fix. Firstly cut out 2 400mm sections. Used rust converter/primer every where!

Welded in some patches. Probably burnt of some of the converter. Will eventually drill a bunch of 10mm holes or stick a hose and nozzle all the way down. then load if full of sealer/primer/converter.

Ground down, roughly.

Buffered. Left the weld by the gutter pretty ruff as it was a pain to grind. But by the stage it has a SOA conversion and 35's I doubt it will be noticable. Im 6'4" and can hardly see it as it is.

End result!

Then we decided to go fishing. Took the surf down the beach. Chucked out the long line. Left it out for a hour, then found it had made its way back to the beach. Packed up empty handed. Whats left to do? Drink lots of beer!

Good to be getting stuff done, finally.
So your not from down under your from middle earth
You sure have a lot of Aussie toys to be a kiwi, that's ok we'll claim ya like all good kiwi things.
Middle earth? Im guessing thats something to do with, lord of the rings? Proud to say ive never seen them haha!

Typical aussies. Pavlova, farlap I could go on. :p

Look forward to getting to the good stuff. SOA and driving!
Well that escalated quickly. The roof lining and sunroof are now out.

After pretty much catching the lining on fire, it was time to come out. Man what a PITA! Managed to remove it in pretty much one peice. Just incase I need it as a template. For the time being, Im pretty much just thinking of painting it 2 pot primer. Have plenty of that. Has made it possible to get to the rear of the patches I am welding in. Can get in there with rust converter and primer/paint.

The sunroof has had repairs before. Funnily enough they are what have rusted out again. Having taken it right out, there is only a few really bad spots.

On the plus side, the LHS gutter/roof has already been repaired. The only downfall is no rust protection on the inside. Luckily I think I have caught it just in time.


Progress so far. Not looking to bad. No bog as of yet.


Hood lining is out, sound deading/packing pretty much gone now as well.

The previous repair. Can see a small amount of rust in the lower left of the picture.

Common fault? RHS on isn't too bad. Might take them to work and sandblast the crap out of them. LHS might need some work! Have plenty of 3mm plate laying around.

Cant believe how standard this thing is. Still has all the factory little clamps and sheaving. Has all the factory sound deading crap in the engine bay. Collecting all the oil and diesel! Also some random foam under the injector lines, on the inlet manifold and by the pump, as pictured.

Will grab some pics of the sunroof repairs later on.
Nice work!
While you've got the lining out can you see any bolt holes in the upper rear cargo area for attaching a handles or hooks or anything?
Looks like you and I have been going down a similar road, my BJ61 was about to become a convertible

Just got the magic windscreen sticker the weekend just past! First WOF in 4 years, nice to rescue another cruiser from the grave. Though seeing the rust on the back of that patch in yours makes me wish I'd pulled my roof lining. Oh well, should be good for another couple ears at least


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