HJ60 Wiring Project

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Mar 17, 2011
N. California
Picking up from my other thread, this one focus on the wiring.

To start, I'd like wire some under-dash lights to the existing dome. Whenever the dome is on (switched manually or via the doors), the under-dash lights should be on. For this I need the same path to ground as the dome light uses.

In other cars, I've found an unused terminal in the dome light housing. I plan to do the same with the Landcruiser if I can.

My other dilemma is the rear cargo light. It turns on when switched manually but not when the rear hatch is opened. I don't see a door switch back there. Is it in the latch somewhere?
You're not alone, I've done some search back then on this site and it's seem that the sensor is in the lock mechanism of the lift gate.

If you open the service panel you will see the wire running to it. Maybe try to clean the connection, mine is toasted. I've kept it this way since I tackle some others issues before this one...
I don't remember any wires going to the lock mechanism itself, so the switch is somewhere else for the rear hatch. Just remember that all the interior lights are switched ground. So, you can use what ever power source is convenient for your lights, but you will need to connect the ground to the wire coming from the dome light that goes to all the door switches.
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Here's a snapshot from the FSM diagram, which show the lift gate switch:
Wow - thanks for the info. Sadly this doesn't look like an easy fix. I'm going to focus on wiring up the new lights to the main dome and come back to this once I've taken care of the dome, laptop, touch screen, amplifier, head unit, fridge and inverter wiring.
I'd like to tap into the reverse light circuit and attach a device that draws 0.3 amps continuous. I can do that safely without a relay, correct?

Do you know what color that wire would be and where I can find it physically in the rear cargo area?

I need to find some logical/physical wiring diagrams.
slcfj62 - any thoughts on where to tap into that ground wire for the dome? I'm hoping I don't have to take the headliner out.

New question. My HJ60 has dealer or factory installed electric locks. Only the driver and cargo doors work, however. The PO reports:

This was a 'luxury' option with the truck that was not available in the US. Since it is factory, they are fully fused, but I do not know which fuse circuit they hang on to.

All the solenoids work perfectly when power is applied to them directly. I took them all out at some point to test them. Cleaning them and spraying them with WD40 got them to work for a while, but then they stopped working

Can these actuators be cleaned and made to work long-term? What would the process of replacing them be like? bolt-in parts available?
You should be able to tap into the wire at any of the door switches. From the wire diagram, it should be the RED/BLUE wire. For your lights under the dash, either of the front door switches would be convenient. Just don't overload it, it's a fairly skinny wire. You would be safe with LEDs.
If I tap into the door switches, I imagine that would work fine to turn on the lights with the doors but I wouldn't be able to control them with the dome switch. Perhaps that's the compromise I'll have to make if I don't want to remove the headliner.
A few more questions:

  1. I need to find the wire for the reverse lights in the rear quarter panel (assuming I'll find this on the LH side). What color will it be?
  2. Which wire is for the tail lights? I need to wire up the license plate light on my swingout bumper.
  3. Where can I get my hands on a copy of the wiring diagrams / FSM? Electronic preferred.

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