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Aug 1, 2012
Netherlands Hengevelde
If you keep the car and budget is there buy quality like victron, used a lot in mobile homes: (in europe)

not that jiblejable language: Victron Energy

One model (Orion-Tr) has an extra 12v switched on/off (called isolated) to prevent battery drain but I suppose they have a drain protection.
And it can charge an extra 12v battery which isn't bad to use as a spare (eventually one battery will fail and starting becomes, interesting, so then I used a 60 Amp spare for a few weeks and it worked (charged, no fire, no explosion, no egg overcharging smell, no liquid spill) without any problem in combination with a 100Amp.

Chinese brand might be ok if you try to find reviews, some are sand in a box and others seem to be good.

Also a battery equalizer seems good practice but they are pretty expensive, like mentioned by other user (sved?) : Used Vanner Vann-Guard 70-100M Equalizer 100Amp

use search o_O :bounce2:is a stupid comment :mad: but the truth is that this whole forum could be locked as everything is mentioned and done :repost:

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