HJ60 Rear Barn Doors Jammed.

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May 23, 2010
Good Afternoon,

I've had a HJ60 for about a year now. Over that time I've started have in the rear barn doors jam up. It's some thing to do with the locking mechanisim but I can't find what? It's got progressivly worse to the point where I am not using them at all.

I've pull it it all apart but can't see any thing that look out of the ordinary. Maybe just worn and needs replacing.

Any help would be appreciated?

Maybe trying a little anti seize on it. I had a similar problem with a rear door I put some anti seize in the latch and worked it a bit and haven't had a problem since.
This may or may not be helpful since it has to do with the standard tailgate/liftgate combo but:

My liftgate went out of alignment after installing new liftgate shocks after years of just being held up with an axe handle. I ended up re-aligning all of the door-related hardware to get everything to close properly again. So latches, strike plates, bumpers... just loosened them all up and wiggled them into a new position so that everything lined up again. If you stand there, open and close the doors, and scratch your head enough, you'll probably figure out where the interference is happening and get an idea of how things should be re-oriented to make it work. Just my $0.02
Is it the door handle that is sticking or the lock knob itself.
The rear door lock is electric so there should be a motor that may need some lube try lubing all the mechanism from latches and pivot joints through to the motor.
Mine has a sticking issue with the exterior handle sticking in the up position which is hampering me from opening the door I will be opening up the door cavity to lube everything which should help loosen up all the moving parts and resolve this issue.

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