HJ60 Lug Pattern

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Patten is the same as all cruisers to 1997 6 on 5.5 in 98 they changed to 5 lug patten
The early to 1975 will have rivits that will hit if you try them on disc axle :eek: and the 91 and newer will have too much back spacing and not fit.. :(
What you want is 6 on 5.5 with a 3.25 inch backspace but Ive seen rims with more but it gets really tight and will take off rim lip mounted wheel weights . :whoops:

HTH some :cheers:
6 on 5.5, same as Chevy 4wd 6-bolts. Backspacing will be the tuff part, I "think" you need 3.25" not the 4.25 common on Chev's.
HJ's share the same wheel hubs as the FJ's.

Some other US-sold vehicles that have the same 6 x 5.5 pattern are:
Chevy trucks
Nissan Pathfinders/Hardbody pick ups
Toyota 4x4 pick ups
Isuzu Rodeo/Amigo/Trooper
Mitsubishi Montero/Dodge Raider

The center hole may not be the same size though.


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