HJ60 electrical confusion

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Feb 25, 2010
My '86 HJ60 is being very temperamental and i'm having trouble isolating the problem. When it starts it starts, when it doesn't there's nothing, no click or anythinlg. Batteries are good. Initially i suspected the starter so I removed and had it tested, and it's good. Also, if disconnect the small wire from the starter (the one that comes from the ignition) and connect to the positive terminal on the battery it starts every time.

Any ideas?
checked it out, opened it up, cleaned up the contacts, other than that it looked super clean. Put it back in and problem persists. Do you know if there's a way to bench test it?
if it starts every time when you hot wire the exciter wire (smaller one fron the ignition) you may have an issue with the ignition itself, check earth and hot sides on the ignition barrel

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