Hj60 axle off leaf. Advice needed

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Feb 12, 2012
Sydney and Auckland
So I came home from work to find that my truck front wheel was up on the pavement as if some body had driven up on it. What happened is that someone did a hit and run on the truck. Was pretty pissed off to say the least.

Anyhow. The right side of the axle is now detached from the leaf spring as it was pushed forward. ( the trick was parked with the right wheel turned all the way so the left so that is where he hit. It must have been a big bang as it drove the car left with the left wheel on the pavement. I am hoping his vehicle sustained more damage.

So I have to push the axle back. If I raise the front up and take off the tyres will I be push it back? Will I need a strong hammer?

The only good news from yesterday was that I picked up a rare double cab diesel ln46 with 86 thousand miles. Thats keeping me from blowing my top :mad::)
That sucks.

You will need to get under there and see what moved. The axle is held in place on the spring with u bolts and a pin. The spring is held to the frame at the front and rear of the spring with some pretty heavy bolts.

Here is a link to a basic diagram of the springs and hangers. I can't post pics from the iPad.


Take some pictures under there when you can, plenty of folks will help you.

Good luck and sorry for the accident. It CAN be repaired, it will just take some work.
See if the spring pin sheared off. That goes through the spring to the plate that the u bolts go through.

To pull the axle back, you'll probably need to get the whole front up on jack stands, both wheels off the ground. Do you have ratchet straps to help jockey the axle around? It helps if you are working alone.

Post pics please.
Thanks. Will attach some photos.





That was a hard hit. The rear fixed spring hanger needs to be re-welded to the frame. Looks like your sway bar link was broken. Rim bent - assuming it's steel it can be pounded back. You can pop the front driveshaft back together. I'd check everything closely...you may have a bent axle right behind the knuckle, frame could be tweaked too.
You're not just going to be able to hammer the axle back in place...The front axle should be totally removed from the truck and fully inspected along with everything else associated with it (ie steering, frame, etc)
Thanks guys, appreciate your time in giving me advice. I will get it towed to the local mechanic to get it fixed.
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