HJ60 Auto swap to manual

Discussion in '60-Series Wagons' started by NZLHJ60, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Christchurch New Zealand
    After ongoing problems with my A440f trans and the unreal expence of geting it repaired, i decided to go for the H55F manual option.
    I work at a diesel workshop and 4x4 truck dismantlers so parts and tools were no problem. First up i bought two 2nd hand H55F G/Boxes, one had a dead 5th gear and the other the T/Case was stuffed.
    I striped and cleaned both and choise the best parts from the two. After buying a heavy duty roller race bearing and seal kit (roller bearings are stronger than ball race) i built up one G/Box. Having this sitting on the beanch read for instal the fun began. The truck was put on the hoist and the auto was removed. I pulled the clutch pedal bucket and steering support out of a manual 60 series wreack in the yard and fitted it to mine. Not as easy as it sounds, remove steering coloume and air ducting, drill holes for master cylinder and mounting then fit new pedal box and reasembal. next rip out front carpet and transmition tunal cover.
    While the truck was on the hoist with driveshafts off i replaced the pinion seals on both diffs and the rear main seal on the engine. It took about 5 hours to cut the trasmition mounts off the chassie rails with a saber saw so i did not stuff the rails and could reuse the mounts. I had to do this as a manual box is a lot shorter than the auto, so mounting is differant. Then i fitted the manual flywheel and spigot bearing, no clutch at this stage so the box would be easy to fit for welding on the new mounts. With the mounts tacked in place i got our mechanical engineer to weld them on fully and stap with his cert number for future certification. I fitted and new clutch kit and mounter the G/Box, it fitted like a dream. Running clutch lines and instaling a slave cylinder were next on the list, then fitting Manual driveshafts (its so good having the right parts and not having to modifie heaps of things). Grease, bleed clutch and install gear lever then test drive. It went awsome and changed gear well. the cosmetic side of things took a bit longer as i had to fab up a new trans tunnel cover with holes for T/Case, G/Box and PTO winch leavers. A good amount of sillicon and some self taper screws held it in place and cut out a bit of noise, but it was still very loud in the cab. A front carpet out of a nissan safari was called for and with a few mods was made to fit, what a huge improvement, i could hear my self think again.
    The Box has been in for a week now and i am loving it. Just a quick thanks to
    Yukon Diesel New Zealand for the parts and workshop
    Steve Gibbs for the welding and tech info
    Steve Bell
    Mick Okane.

    Sorry no pics of step by step install, but if info needed just post me.
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    Feb 14, 2005
    Sounds like nice work. You must be a patient man because the 5hrs cutting the trasmission mounts off with a saber saw would have driven me nuts.
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