HJ47 Troopy rear seat Conversion Question

Aug 26, 2021
Sydney Australia
Hey guys, I have a 1981 HJ47 Troop Carrier and have been looking for some time to find a way to put jump seats in the rear of the car. My vehicle is only registered currently as a 3-seater however, the seatbelt system for the rear jump seats was installed by the previous owner. In my search for original rear jump seats I have only been able to find one source and he wanted $4k AUD for the set which is way out of my budget. One option I have thought about was buying 70 series troopy seats as they are easy to come by and very cheap, however, there are clearly different mounting points between the two types of seats. Has anyone done this conversion before? if so how easy was it? and how well were you able to get the seats to fit? and do you think that if done properly this setup would be registerable in NSW?

Thanks for the feedback guys!

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