Hj47 fuel gauge not working.

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May 24, 2015
hello, I'm an Aussie and I have an 84 model hj47. The odo wasn't working so I took the cluster out to attempt to fix the problem anyway when I reinstalled it the fuel gauge won't work now. It doesn't move at all. Does anyone have any suggestions
you'll have to pull the speedo cluster back out and check the harness connector is still plugged in and seated firmly mine usually pops out when I've been in behind the speedo, if its not that you might be out of gas :)
I've had it out twice already i have fuel. It's just like the gauge is dead
I've taken it apart and put it back together. Now because I was testing the new led lights in the cluster I had the ignition on and I think it shorted out the amp gauge as I was fiddling with the cluster because I seen a spark and now it's dead. So I assume I done the same with the fuel. Does anyone have any experiance with this. Can I fix them? Will it just been a burnt out wire? Thanks

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