HJ45 Troopy (w/2H engine) Full Time Caravan Tow Rig

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Jan 24, 2015
Brisbane, Australia
Hi all :)

My mum is purchasing an HJ45 with 2H engine swap which she will eventually, if suitable, use to travel on the road. I'm keen to learn anything and everything I possibly can! It might be worth noting that I have no idea how many KM are on the 2H, nor does the guy I am buying it off, and the ODO only goes up to 99,999. Will post compression test results when I get a hold of her!

I inspected it and it appears to have a minor leak coming from the oil pan gasket. Should I replace it with a new gasket or would I get away with using something such as ultra black silicone like I did on my little Hyundai's pan? And while I've got the oil pan off is there anything else I should do under there - would it be a good idea to change the oil pump or do these last a long time?

Unsure of when the thermostat/radiator cap were last replaced so I will change them over with new OEM ones and will be recoring the radiator - anything I should know about this process apart from going to a reputable radiator shop?

Apart from basic maintenance is there anything else I should be taking into account before traveling/towing a 16-18ft caravan full time on the road? It will be driven quite a few hundred KM's before any long distance traveling so plenty of time for me to keep an eye on things, gather knowledge etc.

I will of course be slowly accumulating various spare parts - are there any parts in particular I should prioritize getting a hold of?

I'm keen to hear any and all advice regarding anything at all related to the these old cruisers, give me all you've got! :)
2H with an 18ft Caravan.. she'll be in second up most hills, and in first gear up some.. as much as I love my own HJ47 Troopy with the 2H they dont make great caravan towers..
Turbo or not. Constantly towing a heavy load you should install a pyrometer on the exhaust so you can monitor your engine on hills. It ia a cheap insurance!
Secondly, install a turbo that suits the enigne well, add some diesel and watch your egt. Consider installing an intercooler.
Even if you don't add fuel your engine will run better and stay cooler with a turbo and you will avoid engine overheating and possible engine malfunction on mountain passes and high altitude.

I have driven my HJ60 both with and without a turbo and once you bite the bug, you will never go back. The whole driving experience change dramatically for the better. Especially with a heavy tow.
Just found out you live down under. Pretty flat there if I am not mistaken, but a turbo will still make your life alot easier :)
Heat is going to be your biggest problem towing with a 2H with a fully loaded van and a loaded HJ45, a trailer maybe but a loaded 18' van?

If your happy to just cruise at 70 - 80kph and drop down to 2nd gear on hills you will be ok, once off the beaten track your be driving at half that speed anyway, just don't expect to be flying down the highway at 100kph when fully loaded.

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