HJ45 rebuild - will a HJ47 tub fit?

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Jun 4, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere?

I have acquired a very neat HJ47 ute tub and other than relocating the rear body mount brackets is there any other conversion required to use it in a HJ45 rebuild?

Fuel tank is also not an issue.

G'day Jorge,

What year is the HJ45 frame? If it is a '79 or '80 then no issue at all. If it is a '78 or earlier then there will be many issues - not least of which is where you will put the fuel tank.

You will also have to get the seats from the HJ47 as the mounts are completely different from the ones in a '78 or earlier HJ45.

There are other issues, like door striker plates, etc. for a '74 or earlier, but then it would be an FJ45 I believe.

Hope this helps.


It's a 9/76 HJ45.

I was lucky enough to get the windscreen frame with the lower tub from the HJ47, so then I guess the other questions are:
- 45 doors, roof/back panel, front fenders, bonnet etc lining up?
- seat mounting (no they don't line up)
- wiring/wire harness, there is a slightly different set of buttons on the dash :)
- cables, handbrake cable for a 47, but will it have the same brake end fitting? Other cables - 47 doesn't have the engine pull stop..
- Anything else?

If there's no major structural mismatch then I'm thinking I will give it a go - maybe not the 'purists' cup of tea but it will be a slightly modernised HJ45 ;)

So if anyone has specifics on any of the conversion I'd love to hear..


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