HJ45/HJ47/BJ45 body swap questions

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Feb 3, 2010
Copenhagen, Denmark

If you have either a HJ45, HJ47 or a BJ45 in a pickup version, will you be able to swap a troop carrier body onto that frame 1:1 without any modifications to the frame/body? Are the frames and body styles 100% interchangable?

Next: If making such a swap will there be any problems with the registration of the car because it goes from a 2-seater pickup to possibly a 11/13 seater troop carrier (please indicate the country you have info about)?

Side by side, same year, the troopy frame and ute frame varies only in one aspect: the troopy frame has two additional body mounting points [to bolt down to] at the rear of the frame whereas the ute does not. So the troopy rear frame looks like the rear of an FJ40. There may also be additional support body blocks here and there [but nothing that can't be managed with good fabrication skills].

You will also run into trouble if you're swapping a tank-in-cab troopy body onto a tank-under-cab chassis.

Long story short: get a troopy body from the same year as the ute chassis. And make sure you can bolt down the rear two mounting points.

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