HJ45 brake and clutch issues

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Apr 24, 2003
installing the new master was easy, bled the lines, still pedal to the floor.

pull the wheels, ajust up the drums, then get to passenger side drum, notice a little hole in the boot. ask dad "is that not a good thing?" then as i say that, splat. there goes the boot.

what i'm getting at, do i just need a rebuild kit with a boot. also are these available, i know i'm in australia, but some idea would be nice.

2 the clutch master is in and working, how do i adjust the height that it starts taking up from?
Adjust Clutch
1 Adjust height of Pedal from Floor.
2 Adjust Pushrod Length from Slave Cyclinder to Clutch Fork.
thanks. Pics of what though?

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