HJ owners, I need some measurments please.

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Jan 8, 2004
Hi All

I am busy prepping a 12HT to fit into a JF62, but I don’t have access to the 62 yet. I am busy sorting the pumps and compressors so here goes.

My 12Ht came out of a Coaster, and the aircon compressor is slung way down low on the true left of the motor with a gigantic alternator above it, opposite to the HJ, same side but the alternator goes below the aircon. Power steering pump remains in the same place.

Now I could look for HJ engine brackets to hang them on, but they are hard to find here and I like the big Alt and it has the vacuum pump fitted.


Now I need to know if the fj62 aircon compressor will fit between the engine and the frame rails this low down. We have right hand drives here, so no steering gearbox to worry about.

Could some kind soul with a HJ 60/61 please check on some measurements for me?

I need the engine to left rail gap measurement and the crank centre height to rail top measurement.

I also need the dimensions of the FJ 62 Aircon compressor. The Coaster one is a massive beast, so I’m guessing that the Coaster rails are much wider apart.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
1986 HJ60 LHD distance from edge of oil pan to frame rail 123 mm.
I've replaced my 1986 frame with a 1984 FJ60 frame so measurements should be taken with a grain of salt, but they should be pretty close.

The crank centre measurement is pretty hard to do without removing the radiator/fan or spending some time with a bunch of rulers and levels and lasers. And it's a bit cold here to do that today...
Cheers Freewheel, i forgot about the Northern winter, we had 32 degrees here yesterday.
I'm sure you wanted to know that
Cheers Freewheel, i forgot about the Northern winter, we had 32 degrees here yesterday.
I'm sure you wanted to know that

Is that C or F? Makes a big difference. We were down close to 32 yesterday morning. It was cold, damp, and there was frost on everything.

C, we are talking sunny South Africa here,

Any usefull measurments to help get be through the weekend??
On my HJ61 the crank is about 275mm from the chassis and about level with the top.

Air con compressor is about 120 dia and the bracket spacing front to rear is 90, top to bottom is 130.
The bracket is a tricky thing, with clearance for the outlets on top and the alternator underneath...
Thank you so much
From the various pictures, i kind of guessed that the crank center is almost at the top of the frame hight, but the frame also rises slightly as it goes further back, so i'll watch out for that.
Can I push my luck for the thickness of the part of the compressor where the bolts go through??
Also, looking down on the crank pulley, what is the order of the various belts from front to back please.

Thank you, I think we are good for now, but if you could confirm that the crank center is level with the top of the frame rails , it would be good.


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