HIT & RUN - Night of July 18, Moda Center (Interstate Ave)

Jul 23, 2019
portland, oregon

I am looking for help from this community.

I was witness to a hit and run on the night of July 18. My very close friend was the victim, and is still recovering in the hospital. Thankfully, he is alive and not paralyzed, but he was seriously injured.

We were walking in the crosswalk from the Moda Center to the Yellow Line platform. We had a walk sign. A vehicle described by witnesses as "blue SUV, possibly Toyota FJ Cruiser with WA plates" drove through a red light, hit my friend and sped off. This happened on our way home from the Timbers match, at approximately 11:30pm on July 18.

We obviously would like the driver to be brought to justice, and hoping that this community may be able to help.

The vehicle would likely have damage to the front right side, or potentially center grill. He was driving fast, hit my friend directly, which resulted in him flying approximately 50 feet. I'm hoping someone here might recognize a vehicle with new damage that meets this description.

Here's a local news broadcast for more context: Timbers fan hurt in hit-and-run on the way home from match

The Portland Police may be reached with anonymous tips at 503-823-3333. Additionally, I will monitor this thread to see if there are any leads. I welcome and appreciate any signal boost that you may be able to assist.

Thank you for reading.



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May 16, 2005
Forest Grove, OR
Hey Christopher, I am so sorry to hear about your friend! We will be praying for him and his family. I don't have any info, but will gladly keep my eyes open.
Jul 18, 2017
Portland, OR
Sorry to hear about your friend. Have you contacted body shops in Vancouver to keep an eye out for a damaged vehicle?
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