History on a Black 40 in L.A.?

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Oct 31, 2003
I know this is a longshot but...

I have a guy that used to work for me stationed out in L.A. now ,and he is looking at a 40. It was painted gloss black and looked very straight. It looked like it had 33's with chrome steel spokes, saginaw conversion, no top, with a roll cage, leather seats, 350 w/ 3spd tranny/4spd transfer.

I was hoping to find a history for the vehicle because it seemed odd to refinish the truck like it was and leave the 3 speed in it. It looks beautiful, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Thank you for any info you may have,

Might help if you knew some more specifics on it, like what year it is registered as, and if it has any other mods like disc brakes, auxiliary tank, rollcage, bucket seats, yada yada yada.

I might know the rig.
Thanks for the reply, here is the link to the pictures.


This is build list, not all things are depicted in pictures (i.e. shackle reversal, could be after photo...)

350 Quad/K&N, 3 spd tranny/4spd X-fer, S/R, larger radiator, HO headlights,HD power steering pump, MAF power steering, Optima, custom stereo (subs etc.), full cage (pipe or tube?) MSD ignition.

Thanks again.


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