History of 60's and 62's?

Jul 6, 2003
Does anyone know any good links for the history/time line of 60 and 62 production? I'm looking at buying one. When I was in the market for a 40 I found a site that went through every year and every change they made during the production. That was a long time ago and I can't find one for 60's. Thanks :beer:
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
They didn't really make many/any major changes, AFAIK inside the production run of either model. There were obviously major changes in between.
Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
off the top of my head...sure I'm missing some and off slightly on dates. US spec stuff


all 2f and 4 speed(H42), nothing changed under the hood or in/on the axles(3.73)

mostly minnor stuff

81-2 60's might have aftermarket(york comp) AC, 83+(at least) had AC standard
same might or might not have headlight washers, latter standard
I think some real early 81 might have had PS optional. PS stock.

sometime in 85 headliner changed from vinyl to cloth
85(maybe other pre 85) had power antena
Console changed around same time
(I think all this happened at the same time as the t-case change, which is when the 70 series came out)

PS gear box change in 84
86+(at least) have mounts(on axle and frame) for rear sway bar, fj62 bar bolts right up)

8/85 t-case changed, front driveshaft now has no double cardin joint. Best year of the 60 is late 85-87, easy(bolt on) swap to a 5 speed

Fj62, made till 1989(2000 model year, no real 1990 fj62s)
rear sway bar stock
dash change
All have AC, PS. PW, locks, mirrors option(but 90+% have em)
Rear seat belts changed in late 89, 90 all had 3 point
rear speakers.
all auto(od) and 3fe
all vacuume t-case
axle ratio changed to 4.10.
axle housing had added gussets
4 small rectangular headlights(no washers)
heater moved to under console(under PS seat in 60)
bumpers are bigger on 62.
Large side mirrors
Wheels changed very slightly(shape of D cut out)

add/delete/correct please

John H
Jun 13, 2003
Add to Johns list:

FJ 62 10/87-10/88 had optional power options. fj 60 Ft doors with non power 62 style mirrors.
After 10/88 power was standard
Crank change in the 3FE but not sure what, why or when or if it matters
10/88 up different TPS and said to be better (?)

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