History Channel Off Roading Show

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Mar 3, 2015
We are looking for dynamic candidates for an upcoming off-roading show.
We'll be following several two-person teams in their off-road vehicles
(prefer Jeeps, Land Rovers, and Land Cruisers) as they take on a variety
of terrains, specifically mud, water, rocks, and sand. We're looking to
film for a month this summer. We would like the candidates to be have
their own vehicle and to be able to fix their own vehicles during this
expedition. They should also have a partner (friend, relative, etc.) who
can drive/ride during this expedition. Both drivers must know how to
winch, and please list any competitions in which either of you have
participated. If you are interested, please contact Kate Carroll, producer
at Original Productions, off board at kcarroll@origprod.com. Please send
pix of yourself, your partner and your vehicle, plus your age.
Do I need to start growing my goatee or maybe shave my sideburns to the top of my head! :flipoff2:
Haha! As long as your 'partner (friend, relative, etc.)' has a similar look.
Kate, you should attend a TLCA event, you're bound to get good footage. Not sure about the jeeps and land rovers but you'll Find Land cruisers, 4Runners and other Toyota trucks here.
The Jeeps and land rovers are the ones that are always broken down.
Stump needs to start smoking crack to get in shape.
I'm thinking (shirtless wheeling)!!!
Burl would be perfect!!

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