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Mar 28, 2006
State of Limbo
Hi all,
I just bought a new 48'' HiLift for my Hanna dual swingout. He has built a 45degree platform on the bottom of the swingout for securing the stand of a HiLift by use of a built in peg that fits neatly inside 1 of the stand holes.
The problem is the space between that peg and the tire carrier brace is just not allowing the stand to fall in flush over the peg.....i.e..the stand is too wide to fall flush over the peg.
I am certain this isn't a Hanna thing as they sell like hotcakes and ppl would have had something to say about this many times b4 me........This leads me to believe that HILIFT has altered their stand by addind some width.

Question : How do I now lock in the bottom of the HiLift?
I see no reason to write Hanna as his excellent fabrication is not at fault.
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how far off is it? sometimes the casting rough around the hole at the hi lift base needs to be knocked off a bit.
how far off is it? sometimes the casting rough around the hole at the hi lift base needs to be knocked off a bit.

I don't recall anything other than the casting was as it should be.....gonna check this out.
I would guess it is 1/16 to 1/8 off......there is little room in that space anyway, but the base just barely straddles the beginning of the peg.

Thx for that idea FirstToy !
I am having the same problem. If anyone could post a couple of up close pictures of their hiLift on the swingout that would be a great help.

Sometimes I can't see the forest thru the trees........It hit me today that boring the offending hole on the HiLift base to a bigger size should do the trick. As the base peg is more a stabilizer point, I see no reason why even a hole twice it;s size should cause me any grief.
I'll report back tomm after this is done.

Thanks for the advice.
John, you said it more clearly than I did. That is correct.

The hole in the hilift base as a bit of extra casting material/paint. It does not take much to make it fit, I knocked it back with a couple swipes of a round file and it's perfect.
Hi-Lift?? What is that? Is that the heavy thing that sat behind the drivers' seat in my Montero for ten years and never got used? What was it good for?
It looked pretty cool sitting there, but all it ever did was sit. I went to some places that were pretty brutal on the truck. I even drove some trails that I later learned were famous for breaking Jeep frames. But I never used that jack. I sold it with the truck, and I won't buy another one. What do I need it for? I have a Land Cruiser with lockers and a winch!
.............final report.......

Wound up boring the hole mentioned above about 1/4 size bigger and all is well now....fits like a champ!

Now I really look like I know what I am doing !

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