Hilift bumper mount pics

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This is mine mounted on a MAF 1045 bumper. I welded a piece of 1/4 steel 2x4 onto the bumper as a base plate to take the wieght and then just used the standard mounting brackets on the box to hold it. It is very secure and easy to get to.
somewhere yes....

Hrumph, I would have thought I had a better picture than this. I would take a new one, but I've cut the jack mounts off to lower the jack, and re-locate the winch solenoid box. The mounts were about 3" longer than they needed to be. I'll be remounting it in the same area, but now just above the roller fairlead.


Ahh found it.

I just layed it behind the tow hooks. I used one longer bolt on the tow hook ,drilled a hole through it for a padlock, and slid the jack over it. Sorry don't have a close up shot. I've since made a mount and mounted the jack on the running board and window hinge.
Mounted mine to my rear swing out, its out of the way and easily accessible. Two 1/2"grade 8 bolts through a tube, simple but effective. Doesn't move an millimeter and is rock solid.
Mounted to the tire carrier hoop.

the front is a horrible place to mount your hi lift. it will get all the road grime that is thrown at it and not work when you need it. at least on rear bumper or side, it's somewhat protected, but still, you should keep the mechanism well protected from the elements. some will store just the uprights outside and keep the jack mechanism inside, wrapped and lubed, so it works when you need it.

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