SOLD Highlands, NC 2000 Lexus LX470

Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
The Good:
  • 4x Nearly new BF Goodrich AT T/A KO2 LT285/75/R16 tires installed April 2020
  • Doug Thorley headers, Borla stainless exhaust, walker cats and intermediate pipes installed April 2020
  • Gamiviti Expo rack installed June 2020
  • Metal tech sliders installed August 2020
  • New power steering pump and hoses
  • ASFIR skid plates (full set)
The Bad:
  • Engine is seized with 254,209 miles
  • There is a mold situation going on in the cabin.


I purchased the truck in April 2020 and there were 249k miles. I did the improvements listed above and sorted out other odds and ends along the way and until July 2021 everything was working great. In July the engine gave out on me. I've been sitting on this trying to figure out how to proceed ever since. I don't have the time to deal with this and have to move this truck by mid-December since I sold the house where I keep it.

The truck is pretty clean and relatively rust-free and a worthy candidate for a refurbished engine, but I don't have the time. Alternatively, this is a chance for someone to get a new set of tires, rack, sliders, headers, and exhaust along with all the other spares you might want or need.

I'm not interested in parting this out. Asking $5,000 as is. You haul it before December 10.

LX470 00054

LX470 Ext2
LX470 Ext3
LX470 Ext5
LX470 Ext7

LX470 Ext9

LX470 Ext4

LX470 Ext6

LX470 Ext8

Ape Mcnanners

Nov 9, 2021
Central Arizona
What happened to engine hydro lock? And how did the mold get so bad? Looks like it went for a swim


Jan 11, 2011
Charleston, sc
wish i had a place to put this, good deal for someone whos not afraid to get dirty

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