High Oil Pressure Reading

Aug 16, 2005
Altadena, CA
Seems like no big deal, but my oil pressure guage always reads high.

Start it up and it pegs past the H and into the black, and only touches the top of the white when low a quart or more. Never changes due to temp, RPM, or anything else.

Swapped out another gauge, same reading.

It's been running like this for years, with no problems, but can a line/sender or something be clogged? I'd just like it to be accurate.......

Thanks - TSH


Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
The first on best mod you can do a cruiser is install mechanical oil and water temp guages. Very inexpensive and it is much easier to get help with a problem when you can relate info in PSI and or Deg instead of in the white or top of the line.

Most of the problems with the guages are in the ground on they guage. It causes faulty readings. Mine used to run very low when I would turn on the light at night. Scared the Sh*t out of me a few times. Mount up the new guages and you will feel much better about your setup
Mar 19, 2006
Fort Collins, CO
Mine used to peg like that, always reading at the high line. Put a new sender in, then it read really low. Checked it mechanically, just fine. Dash gauge was fried by grounding. Put in a used dash gauge, now it reads about 2/3, and varies slightly with temp and RPM.

Like the above post said, checking it mechanically, whether temporarily or with a permanent new gauge, is the only way to be sure.

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