"High Mileage" Synthetic Mobil One? Is it Cr@p?

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Jun 8, 2009
Orange County, CA

I've read some of the pros and cons of using synthetic oil, and Mobil 1. So what makes this Mobile 1 suited especially for high mileage cars? Thicker viscosity?

Any experience or advice? Is this worth getting?
"High mileage" motor oil has additives in it that slow down or stop leaks. Mobil is not the only company that makes "high mileage" motor oil. These types of oils work by swelling worn oil seals and gaskets so they will seal better.

It is believed (and perhaps may be an Urban Legend) that once a high mileage oil is used for a significant amount of time, going back to regular motor oil will result in even more leakage than before, as the seals shrink back down. So the thought is, once you start using this type of oil, continue to use if forever... or your driveway will pay.

I don't know about the 5W-30 stuff... especially for our old cruisers, but the 10W-40 version is an excellent motor oil for the 2F or 3FE

According to Blackstone Labs: not crap. They recommended 10W-40 high mileage Mobil 1 after analyzing a sample I sent them a few years back, so that's what I stick too. According to them the additives help slow down main bearing wear as well.
From what Ive read the the M1 "extended performance" line has a much higher percentage synthetic (PAO i think) base stock formulation... making it a much higher quality oil then the standard M1 line. Probably a moot point in a tractor engine though.
I run the Mobil1 High Mileage 10w-40 in my 2F...and, as much as I hate WalMart, it is $5 less than the price you have above...

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