High dollar Fj-40 For sale

Jan 25, 2005
Clovis, Ca
Thought I would offer it up here before it goes to e-bay this weekend. Completely rebuilt 40 from the ground up. All new EVERYTHING, except for the cherry 1972 california frame, and 78' body. New GM crate 350, New NV4500, New Atlas II 4.3, and the list goes on to the tune of over $50K. I am asking $29000. OBO. If you are serious about buying a top dollar rig, then here it is. I cannot type everything that it has, or I'd be here all night. I'm dreading having to put it on the auction site for the same reason.
I can be reached at (559)994-5331 for a list of everything she has on her. The re-build has taken 3 years, and it all has 3500 miles or less on it. I will try and post a pic or two here, but not sure if I'm allowed. I am located in central California-Fresno if you would like to come and look at it. Or just call me with your e-mail and I will send pics that way.

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