hid lights

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Nov 6, 2007
in my little world
has anybody heard of these or used these??? let me know your opion. they are about 150 each kinda cheap but for the weekend warrior i was wondering. Popular Item!Back in Stock!!
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Durable Hi-Impact ABS housing. Anodized aluminum trim ring. Internal starter and ballast. Tempered glass lens. Clear polycarbonate protective lens cover. Easy to wire installation/wireharness and diagram included. 35 watt Euro-Beam light pattern.

Light Specification
- 6,000K Color temperature
- 3,200 Lumens
- 3.15-3.30 AMP Draw
- 2,500+ Hours Bulb Life
160 for bulbs and ballasts (it's a pair), that leaves 140 for some nice replacement 7" housings. They have some that are 30 a piece.
there a lot brighter then my 7" hella's with 110watt bulbs

cool then i guess i will go to the parts house on monday and get some. i guess you are happy with them thanks for everything. was the mounting base ok?? someone said they suck.
well then i am good to good thanks for everything. if you get time some more pictures would be nice. when i get mine on i will show you also thanks for the responce
I found that the RoundEye replacement light housings, coupled with my HID's from CarHIDkits (this was my choice Bi-Xenon HID Kit [Bi-Xenon] ), work excellent, and offer me the ability to place my Halogen H4's back in my lights if for any reason, I want to... Don't know why I would, since the light output from the HID's is tremendous, and power consumption is very low compared to Halogen...
And, the HID's come with their own wiring harness for connecting to power, so you can use your stock light wiring without any loss of light output.
Got a friend who using those Kragen HID's on his side-by-side, he says they are the best bang for your buck out there. Both the 7" and 4" offer about the same light output.
@woooody: Take a look at the user's rig. I don't think he's interested in making them less blingy...

@fieldsken1: Don't you have enough auxiliary lights already? Last I counted, I saw 6 (including the headlights, 8). Seems a little overkill...


i wanted to trash the hellas and replace with hids. the hellas are no brighter then the headlights what a waste

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