HID headlight install nightmare....HELP!

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Aug 26, 2009
Hendersonville, TN
I just bought a pair of projector headlamps off ebay....the 1 piece design, that came with the HID kit already installed in the lenses. I did not get any instructions with them, and cant find anything on the web...imagine that. I have the LED's and turns signals figured out, I just wired all of the LED's and Halo rings into the parking lamp, but the High and Low beam are wired to this 3 prong relay looking thing, I don't know if I am missing a part or what, I need pictures showing how to install these, someone please help, thanks. Here is a link to the lights: HID 91-97 LAND CRUISER BLACK HALO PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS:eBay Motors (item 160361608224 end time Sep-16-09 17:47:07 PDT)
I have HID's but i'm not sure what you are referring to. Please post a pick. Your ballast should plug into your old connection where the old bulb was.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the link, already checked that out though, I need to know what that relay thing is, mine does not look anything like those instructions.
search... someone ran into this last year...
MikePL has the exact lights that I have except mine are black. He has some good pics, but does not show how he wired them up. He goes into great detail on switching out the projector beam but no wiring pics. I have a message out to him, but no response. If anyone knows him please let him know I desperately need some advice, this is my 4th day with no headlights.
The 3 pronged plug goes into the H4 socket that is standard on the Australian version. I think the US version doesn't have H4, instead you need a 9006/9005 I think.

Anyway, what you will need to do is to wire up a H4 socket to a 9006 socket (I think as your car would have the plug in it).

Also, the H4 plug on the lights is configured with for a common live wire and separate wires for hi and lo that go to ground when switched.

Also, if you want the lo's to stay on when you switch on the hi's then you will need a diode linking the hi and the lo wires. The diode needs to be able to handle at least 3A's.
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I have those same headlights....but yours are different. those look like a strobe kit almost. I am very curious to see how your lights end up...

good luck
Finally got them working, search my posts and you can see pics

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