Hi-lift on stock rear bumper

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May 31, 2006
Yamhill, OR
I wanted to use my hi-lift on the rear this weekend to get a tire off the ground. I don't have sliders and the rear bumper is still stock. My only choice of jacking point seemed to be a shackle mount in the trailer hitch. I didn't see a good way to get a strap around the tow point that wouldn't end up crushing the rear bumper side bits.

I've seen the hi-lift bumper lift: Hi-Lift Bumper Lift (BL-250) - Equip Your Jack to Lift Curved Bumpers | Hi Lift Jack Company but it seems it would also crush the bumper. Has anyone used that or a strap to lift from the tow point without damage? Is there another jacking option for lifting just one side of the rear of a stock 80?

Buy a $25 floor jack from your local parts store or used off the internet.

High Lift jacks are great, but for garage purpose a floor jack would be best.

If you must use the highlift, be safe...long ago as a boy my Dad took a highlift to the head after the truck rocked forward.

i used a 48" hi-lift to raise the rear of my 80 via the crossmember. however, it wont get the tires off the ground very much as the suspension will droop as the frame rises. best thing to do in this situation is to strap the axle to the frame on whatever side tire you want to lift, and then proceed to raise the rear. this should reduce the amount the suspension droops.

this works in the field as well as on the ground in your garage. however, if youre in the garage, the oem bottle jack works wonders, esp if its raised up a few inches via wood blocks etc. ultimately though, a good quality floor jack is best.
I have both a bottle jack that travels with me and a 5 ton floor jack for the garage.

This was out in a spot where using the bottle jack was going to be a mucky business. I also didn't have a base for the bottle jack and was worried about it sinking in rather than lifting the Cruiser. The hi-lift base is just 1/4" too small to use with the standard Toyota bottle jack. Doh!
The Lift-Mate attachment hooks into your wheel and allows you to lift a tire off the ground. Becasue it is lifting from the wheel and not the frame, you don't have to deal with suspension droop.
IMHO upgrade the factory bottle jack to one with a higher lift capacity (hight and weight). I also carry a piece of wood to use as a base if needed (fits nice in front of my battery.) Hi lift as last resort.

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