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May 6, 2003
Hey, I know a bunch of you guys have Hi-Lift jacks you use for your rigs. My question is this.....where is the safest place to jack up an FJ40 using one of these lifts? Design won't let you get it under the frame on the sides of the vehicle and when I have put it up front on the bumper I have had it slip off numerous times after the bumper leaves horizontal. I've been narrowly missed by the jack shooting off and am lucky nothing was under the truck. Thought perhaps I could weld/cut some jack access holes in the bumper right under the front frame rail......Just looking for suggestions.
Feb 10, 2003
they fir nicely on the front of the running board on either side of the car just in front of the door. Just stick a bolt or two through the running board, and make a small bracket which bolts to the windscreen hinge.
Or the front bumper, or i have mine on a mount on one of my swing-out spare tyre carriers on the back of the car. But it allways gets so dusty the mechanism wont work properly, so i have to clean it before each use. Next mod - 1 hi-lift cover.



Dec 22, 2002
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where is the safest place to jack up an FJ40 using one of these lifts?[/quote]

It is mostly going to depend upon how the 40 is situated and what you're trying to do... If you're stuck in a hole and trying to jack out, just find the place that looks most suitable. Near the frame ends at both bumpers is where I usually try to lift up a cruiser (with stock bumpers etc...). If you're really worried about jacking/lifting points, get some heavy duty bumpers and sliders made and incorporate some jack/lift points. Another thing that could help steady the jack is a larger base on the jack. I believe places sell them as an "off-road base". Hi-lift jacks ain't for dummies. You gotta just take it easy when lifting/jacking and see what the vehicle tries to do with each pump.

Apr 21, 2002
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I use a short length of chain and a piece of 12 long 4x4 block with my high lift. On the bumpers or rear/front frame, secure the chain to the vehicle, loop the chain over the lifting foot and run a bolt through the chain and the hole on the botton of the lifting foot. The jack can't slide out. If lifting from the side use the block between the frame extensions and the chain. That way rocker panels or running boards don't get bent. You don't need to have the lifting foot under the vehicle since the chain is doing the lifting.

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